Perfect Shot is iOS 7 Exclusive.


Perfect Shot uses super advanced eye and blink detection technologies that are only available in iOS 7. 


1. Perfect Shot first detects how many people are in the frame.


2. The app then looks for each person's individual set of eyes and smiles.


3. Only when the entire group looks perfect will a shot be taken.


All of this processing happens simultaneously in less than a second right on your iPhone.

Get the perfect group photo every time.


"Perfect Shot" uses new technologies in iOS 7 to detect each individual set of eyes and smiles in a group photo to take one single perfect shot.

No more taking a great photo, only to realize that someone was blinking! All you have to do is hold your iPhone up and "Perfect Shot" will count how many people are in the photo. From here, it will constantly monitor everybody's smile and set of eyes. Once everybody is smiling (and not blinking), the app will take one single perfect shot without the press of a button!

Perfect Shot on iPad